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In 1 Color
  • FABRIC-AFRICAN - African Girl
    FABRIC-AFRICAN - African Girl
  • FABRIC-FRIDA - Frida
    FABRIC-FRIDA - Frida
  • FABRIC-FRIDA-BIRDS - Frida with Birds
    FABRIC-FRIDA-BIRDS - Frida with Birds
  • FABRIC-QUEEN - Exotic Queen
    FABRIC-QUEEN - Exotic Queen
  • FABRIC-SENIORITA - Seniorita
    FABRIC-SENIORITA - Seniorita

One of the most beautiful fabrics, hard and stable. It is fabric and is ideal for pillows, wall accessories and also for beach bags. It is easy to sew and you can sew on any hands you want from our workshop.


The Fabric in Dimensions 50X150cm has 3 full faces of 50X50cm each. To get 3 Beach Bags back-front of the woman's face you will need 2 pieces of fabric 50X150cm

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