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In 17 Colors
  • Olive
  • Olive with Mustard
    Olive with Mustard
  • Red
  • Pistachio with Khaki
    Pistachio with Khaki
  • Pistachio with Mint
    Pistachio with Mint
  • Yellow with Fuchsia
    Yellow with Fuchsia
  • Yellow with Green
    Yellow with Green
  • Black
  • Gray with Nude Pink
    Gray with Nude Pink
  • Gray
  • Blue with Light Blue
    Blue with Light Blue
  • Blue
  • Sugar with Salmon
    Sugar with Salmon
  • Orange with Ecru
    Orange with Ecru
  • Tabac with Biege
    Tabac with Biege
  • White
  • White with Nude Pink
    White with Nude Pink

This purse lives up to its name! Versatile, small and full of pockets! It has 3 internal pockets and 1 external on the back side. The final dimensions are 16cm wide and 18cm high. You won't believe it fits everything. Its sides are made in a clever way which you will see in the Video Tutorial.


The Size from the Cap is 16cm wide with a Handle and eyelets on the back to sew it on. The clasp is a magnet with legs and inside the set you will find the bottom part with a special skin that you sew on the knit.


The Kit Includes :


- 1 Mini Comfort Cover with Handle


- Small leather with magnet and holes for sewing


- 1 Adjustable Strap


- 2 Metal Rings Mechanism 20mm


- 600g Capri Yarn (2 pcs) Knitted with Crochet Hook No4

Measurement Unit:: Item
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