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In 8 Colors
  • ROMN-BLACK - Black
    ROMN-BLACK - Black
  • Tabac-Romtab/01 - Tabac
    Tabac-Romtab/01 - Tabac
  • VINT013 - Vintage Silver
    VINT013 - Vintage Silver
  • VINT22 - Vintage Petrol-Green
    VINT22 - Vintage Petrol-Green
  • VINT99 - Vintage White
    VINT99 - Vintage White
  • VINTA068 - Vintage Red
    VINTA068 - Vintage Red
  • VINTAGBRONZE - Vintage Bronze
    VINTAGBRONZE - Vintage Bronze
  • VINTAMUSTARD - Vintage Dark Mustard
    VINTAMUSTARD - Vintage Dark Mustard

The XL inner base keeps the shape of the knit and at the same time frees your hands from lining and stacking. You will not need to put lining and canvas. The magnetic clasp is on the inner base. The dimensions of the base are 25X60cm. It is ideal for Envelope with 10-12cm sides. It is also ideal to use as an outer base and to crochet only the sides.


Included in the set


- 1 Base


- 1 Metal Magnet with Feet


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