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In 7 Colors
  • JUTE-01/ GREEN - Multicolor Green
    JUTE-01/ GREEN - Multicolor Green
  • JUTE-02 / YELLOW - Multicolor Yellow
    JUTE-02 / YELLOW - Multicolor Yellow
  • JUTE-03/ BLUE - Multicolor Blue
    JUTE-03/ BLUE - Multicolor Blue
  • JUTE-04 / ORANGE - Multicolor Orange
    JUTE-04 / ORANGE - Multicolor Orange
  • JUTE-05 / PURPLE - Multicolor Purple
    JUTE-05 / PURPLE - Multicolor Purple
  • JUTE-06/ TABAC - Multicolor Tabac
    JUTE-06/ TABAC - Multicolor Tabac
  • JUTE-07 / BIEGE - Multicolor Biege
    JUTE-07 / BIEGE - Multicolor Biege

What could be more beautiful than a Bag with Natural Wood Handles. Especially if they are combined with natural yarn Jute colorful with Cotton together. The Final Dimensions of the Bag are 27cm high and 40cm wide.

You will crochet the base. Her carelessness and her style are unsurpassed.

The Kit Includes :

- 600g Multicolored Jute Yarn (3pcs)

- 2 Square Wooden Handles 15cm

- Video Tutorial

The Multicolored Jute Yarn is knitted with Crochet Hook No.7

You can add Leather tag handmade

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