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  • STRAP-BLACK - Black
    STRAP-BLACK - Black
  • STRAP-BLUE - Dark Blue
    STRAP-BLUE - Dark Blue
  • STRAP-DARK/BIEGE - Dark Biege
    STRAP-DARK/BIEGE - Dark Biege
  • STRAP-OLIVE - Olive
    STRAP-OLIVE - Olive
  • STRAP-ORANGE - Orange
    STRAP-ORANGE - Orange
  • STRAP-SUGAR - Sugar
    STRAP-SUGAR - Sugar
  • STRAP-TABAC - Tabac
    STRAP-TABAC - Tabac
  • STRAP-TIFFANY - Veraman
    STRAP-TIFFANY - Veraman

Belt Suspenders are another of our innovations made in our workshop. We knit the bag and then attach the straps to the body of the bag. It applies perfectly and the arms reach 60-70cm.

On top of the straps we have sewn 6 skins with holes for you to sew them onto the body of the bag.

The front piece has a clip closure to open and fasten your hat if you wish.

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