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60mm diameter rotary fabric cutter Cutter with plastic handle, which can cut fabrics precisely The blade is protected so you don't get hurt during the cutting process. With the rotating blade you can cut forwards and backwards across the fabric. With this diameter you can accurately cut up to 20 layers of fabric.

You can cut with the blade either vertically or at an angle. Performance is just as good. Adjust the screw to control the speed of rotation of the blade at will for better result and precision in cutting.

For hard and coarse materials, tighten the screw, and loosen for soft and thin.

Because the blade is particularly sharp, it is good to use the product on the special cutting surface. Ideal for right-handed and left-handed users

The package includes the Cutter and a blade.

It is recommended to use rulers to cut accurately and to avoid accidents.

*CAUTION: The blade is extremely sharp. Protect the children.

**When the blade stops cutting, you can simply change the blade without throwing away the device.

Find the replacement blades of the cutter of your choice on our page.

SUPPLY: 1 cutter with blade

PRYM CODE: 611387


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