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In 7 Colors
  • Set No1 Gray-Fuchsia
    Set No1 Gray-Fuchsia
  • Set No2 Red-Mint
    Set No2 Red-Mint
  • Set No3 Lilian-Blue
    Set No3 Lilian-Blue
  • Set No4 Petrol-Dark Gray
    Set No4 Petrol-Dark Gray
  • Set No5 Orange-Mustard
    Set No5 Orange-Mustard
  • Set No6 Yellow-Green
    Set No6 Yellow-Green
  • Set No7 Tabac-Pink
    Set No7 Tabac-Pink

The School Year imposes our School Cases for young and old. You can use them for your pencils or even for your crochet. And what's more beautiful than crocheting them yourself and in whatever color you like. The Amigurumi Cotton Thread did its miracle again. They are cleaned and washed. Our suggestion for these Amigurumi School Cases is Pencil Shape and Barrel Shape with self-made ones! In the Instructions you will find in detail the dimensions and step by step how they are made

The Kit Includes :

- 200g Amigurumi Yarn (2pcs) the first color

- 100g Amigurumi Yarn (1pc) the second color

- 2m White Yarn

- 3m Black Yarn

- 0.60cm Sewing Zipper with metal guides, in two colors

- Written Instructions

For this progect you will need Sewing Needles , Nylon Sewing Thread , Markers and Yarn Needles

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