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In 1 Color
  • LEAT/VENET/TABAC-17 - Tabac Camel
    LEAT/VENET/TABAC-17 - Tabac Camel
  • LEAT/VENETA - Olive
    LEAT/VENETA - Olive
  • VINT/LIGHT-WOOD - Light Wood Brown
    VINT/LIGHT-WOOD - Light Wood Brown
  • VINT021 - Vintage Black
    VINT021 - Vintage Black
  • VINT024 - Vintage Tabac
    VINT024 - Vintage Tabac
  • VINTDARKBORDO - Vintage Aubergine Bordeaux
    VINTDARKBORDO - Vintage Aubergine Bordeaux

The ultimate handmade bag for an everyday look with a point of view.

It is ideal for those who do not want to combine the sides, the handle and all the accessories that a bag needs.

Finished in the afternoon, it is stable and perfect to wear over a coat or trench coat.

Luna's leather part is all stitched and fitted together and consists of bottom-side, adjustable wide arm, top magnetic closure and external zip pocket.

A metal hook has been placed on the handle so you can hang any beauty pendant you like.

The final dimensions are 30cm wide, 27cm high and 9cm wide on the sides.

You will need about 300g Yarn, we recommend Capri Yarn

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