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In 9 Colors
  • NAYLA-1 - Color-1
    NAYLA-1 - Color-1
  • NAYLA-10 - Color-10
    NAYLA-10 - Color-10
  • NAYLA-2 - Color-2
    NAYLA-2 - Color-2
  • NAYLA-3 - Color-3
    NAYLA-3 - Color-3
  • NAYLA-4 - Color-4
    NAYLA-4 - Color-4
  • NAYLA-6 - Color-6
    NAYLA-6 - Color-6
  • NAYLA-7 - Color-7
    NAYLA-7 - Color-7
  • NAYLA-8 - Color-8
    NAYLA-8 - Color-8
  • NAYLA-9 - Color-9
    NAYLA-9 - Color-9

The most stylish and cuddly Knitted Scarf. It's long enough to go around our badge and has sleeves too! The scarf sleeves are the most stylish thing you can wear over your blouse.

The Nalya Yarn has done its miracle in softness and quality!

Nalya is a 4-ply yarn of 50% virgin wool and 50% acrylic

Its production takes place in low rotation machines to make the final product voluminous.

Each combination consists of three different colors.

The final dimensions of the scarf for size M are 35cm. width X 220cm. length.

The body of the scarf is 180cm. and the cuffs 20 cm. each one.

In the written instructions we give you the sizes Small, Medium and Large /XLarge

The Kit Includes :

- 3 pcs Nalya Yarn (750g)

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