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In 7 Colors
  • Set No1 Red-100P
    Set No1 Red-100P
  • Set No2 Brodeaux-1560P
    Set No2 Brodeaux-1560P
  • Set No3 Lilian 140S
    Set No3 Lilian 140S
  • Set No4 Bronze-200G
    Set No4 Bronze-200G
  • Set No5 Pink-090 S
    Set No5 Pink-090 S
  • Set No6 Biege-325G
    Set No6 Biege-325G
  • Set No7 Green-195P
    Set No7 Green-195P

This Pomegranate! Full of beauty and stardust. It is a beautiful idea for gifts to our loved ones. Pomegranate symbolizes good fortune. With the Metal Cord Yran200g you will make two large pomegranates and one small one, unless you decide to make two very large impressive, braided pomegranates.

The Kit Includes:

- 1pc Metal Cord Yarn 200g

- 4 pcs Pearls with a hook 12mm (Code 002347)

- 1pc Charm 2024 pendant Figure 24 (Code 002621)

- 1pc Charm 2024 pendant (Code 002629)

- 5mt Christmas Macrame Cord Thread

*The Knitted Pomegranate has been knitted in the Construction Video together with Suzi who showed us her own way and beautiful tips to make it perfect

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