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In 10 Colors
  • A026-101 - Vintage White
    A026-101 - Vintage White
  • A026-275 - Vintage Red
    A026-275 - Vintage Red
  • A026-401 - Vintage Black
    A026-401 - Vintage Black
  • A026-450 - Vintage Cigar
    A026-450 - Vintage Cigar
  • A026-580 - Vintage Purple
    A026-580 - Vintage Purple
  • A026-61 - Vintage Blue
    A026-61 - Vintage Blue
  • A026-790 - Vintage Green
    A026-790 - Vintage Green
  • A026-840 - Vintage Tabac
    A026-840 - Vintage Tabac
  • LEAT/VENET/TABAC-17 - Tabac Camel
    LEAT/VENET/TABAC-17 - Tabac Camel
  • ROMN-GRAY - Gray
    ROMN-GRAY - Gray
  • VINTAMUSTARD - Vintage Dark Mustard
    VINTAMUSTARD - Vintage Dark Mustard

A great and trendy set for a crocheted bag! The Banana Bag Base or chest belt bag is one of those large bags that you carry across your chest or back. It is 32cm long with an adjustable 4cm wide strap.


It has a special zipper to close with two metal guides and holes to sew to the crocheted part.


This set has everything; you will only need Yarn for Bags 200-300g depending on the yarn to complete it.

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