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How about making your own Easter Candles this year? It is one of the most beautiful procedures full of faces and smiles.

In this kit we have almost all the materials you will need to decorate 3-4 candles. A Turtle, Butterflies and two Bunnies Keychains to decorate your candles. In the Kit you will also find 3 candle boxes that you will decorate with the materials you will find but also with ribbons or whatever else your imagination can think of!

You only have to buy candle candles which if you want you can ask us to send you in vanilla color.

The Kit Includes :

- 4 pcs Amigurumi Yarn (400g)

- 2 Metal Keychains (Code 000954)

- 2 Metal Chains (002565)

- Filling 100g

- 10 pcs Pom Pom (Code 001032)

- 2 mt Tressa Pom Pom (Code 001031)

- 1 Pair of Eyelets 10mm (Code 001023)

- 2 Pairs of Eyelets 8mm (Code 001024)

- 3 Boxes Graft Lamp

- 3 Wooden Ladybug Stickers

- Written Instructions for Amigurumi Dolls


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