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In 11 Colors
  • Set No1 White -504
    Set No1 White -504
  • Set No2 Mustard-207
    Set No2 Mustard-207
  • Set No3 Blue-503
    Set No3 Blue-503
  • Set No4 Red-0503
    Set No4 Red-0503
  • Set No5 Pistachio-200
    Set No5 Pistachio-200
  • Set No6 Pink-7
    Set No6 Pink-7
  • Set No7 Blue Jean-24
    Set No7 Blue Jean-24
  • Set No8 Biege-208
    Set No8 Biege-208
  • Set No9 Veraman-86
    Set No9 Veraman-86
  • Set No10 Black-500
    Set No10 Black-500
  • Set Lilian-17
    Set Lilian-17

The Fiorella Crocheted Bag is every woman's dream. Cool and romantic. The Big Flower has been woven with Raffia Yarn and the Loom Rings

It is impressive and knitted with Capri Yarn. Her little hands are bony and round.

Final dimensions are 25cm high, 28cm wide and the sides are 6cm wide.

The Kit Includes :

- 2pcs Capri Yarn (600g)

- 2pcs Raffia Yarn (50g)

- 0.70cm Dior Metal Chain 40mm (Code 000255)

- 2 Resin Round Handles 12cm ( Code 002556)

- 2 Metal Rings 25mm

- 2 Metal Rings 20mm

- 2 Metal semicircles (Code 000770)

- 6 resins oval opening rings

- 1 Metal Label Butterly (Code 000603)

Measurement Unit:: Item
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