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In 4 Colors
  • Set No1 White
    Set No1 White
  • Set No2 Black
    Set No2 Black
  • Set No3 Red
    Set No3 Red
  • Set No4 Pink
    Set No4 Pink

An impressive large 26cm frame with large granny motifs, the well-known granny square. It's amazing how beautiful grandma's colorful squares look with Raffia Yarn


The final dimensions of the bag are 34cm high and 47cm wide. You can't imagine how light it is! The motifs on the body are 30cm and the motifs on the bottom are 23cm. You will have leftover Raffia Yarn.


The Kit Includes :


- 1 Metal Frame 26cm with pouches


- 1 Katia leather handle with cork inside


- 1m of Leather Lining for stacking the bag


- 16pcs Raffia Yarn (400g total and the basic color is 4pcs and the other 6 colors from 2pcs)


You will need 1m of lining fabric that will be used double

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