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In 8 Colors
  • Set No1 (02-03)
    Set No1 (02-03)
  • Set No2 (12-10)
    Set No2 (12-10)
  • Set No3 (11-08)
    Set No3 (11-08)
  • Set No4 (04-02)
    Set No4 (04-02)
  • Set No5 (07-09)
    Set No5 (07-09)
  • Set No6 (07-03)
    Set No6 (07-03)
  • Set No7 (05-10)
    Set No7 (05-10)
  • Set No8 (06-10)
    Set No8 (06-10)

Ok...this bag will take your style to the next level! It's a very big bag but so light. Ideal for the sea, for a trip for every day. It is the ultimate versatile bag, it can be held in many ways. Large backpack or by closing the magnet on the side it becomes more triangular, you can hold it with the same strap but crosswise from the side or from the handles. Final Dimensions 50cm wide at the top and 47cm high. It has openings in the knitting so that we can achieve its width as well as a pattern in the knitting. In this Kit we have chosen two colors of Straw Yarn to make her wonderful stripes.

Kit Includes

- 3 pcs Straw Yarn (750g total and two colors)

- 1 Only Strap (Code 2461)

- 2 Sewing Handles 40cm (Code 2767)

- 1 Set of Backpack Leathers (3pcs Code 2766)

- 2 Round leather base for Magnet (Code 2674)

- 1 Metal Magnet (Code 000075)

- 2 Metal Semicircles (Code 000935)

- 1 Oval Base 26X10 (Code 584)

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