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In 7 Colors
  • Set No11 (12-58-51)
    Set No11 (12-58-51)
  • Set No2(12-51-60)
    Set No2(12-51-60)
  • Set No3 (12-51-17)
    Set No3 (12-51-17)
  • Set No4(12-14-13)
    Set No4(12-14-13)
  • Set No55(12-20-23)
    Set No55(12-20-23)
  • Set No6 (12-51-59)
    Set No6 (12-51-59)
  • Set No7 (12-51-20)
    Set No7 (12-51-20)

The knitted Bunny is the cutest thing you can make for your keys, for your bag or just to have it and smile with it. She's a bit of a cuteness and it's like she's dancing. She is our Katerina's favorite and became Kit at your request.

Final dimensions are 15cm high with ears and 24cm in total with feet.

The materials are for two dolls that will have the same color of skirt. The Kit also includes 1 pair of eyes that you can use on one doll if you want.

The Kit Includes :

- 300g Amigurumi Yarn (3 m2 and 3 colors)

- 100g Filling

- 1 Pair of Silicone Eyelets 10mm (Code 001023)

- A few meters of Tabac Amigurumi Yarn

- 2 Metal Rings for Keychains (Code 000954)

- 2 Metal Chains with Buttons (Code 002565)

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