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In 11 Colors
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It's the cutest little purse! It is made in an afternoon and is a perfect choice for someone to start learning to knit. Its final dimensions are 19X15cm.

We will knit around the base, and this will become a bag

The bottom is lined and has the ideal size. In the Kits you will find combinations with Eco Rope Thread which is monochromatic and with Dalia Thread which has colorful colors. Both Yarn produces a great result.

The Metal Magnet at the bottom is inserted by slightly piercing the leather base

The Kit Includes :

- 1 Base 34X11cm

- 1pc Eco Rope Yarn or 1pc Dalia Yarn

- 1 Chain 120cm (Code 000956)

- 2 Mechanism Rings 13mm (000838)

- 1 Handmade Metal Sign 3X1cm (000403)

- 1 Magnet with Feet (000075)

- 1 Round Leather for magnet (002674)

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