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In 6 Colors
  • Set No1 Biege
    Set No1 Biege
  • Set No2 Green
    Set No2 Green
  • Set No3 Mustard
    Set No3 Mustard
  • Set No4 Orange
    Set No4 Orange
  • Set No5 Tabac
    Set No5 Tabac
  • Set No6 Blue
    Set No6 Blue

It's the bag we all want...Impressive, big, light, roomy. Ideal for walks or the beach. In this handmade bag we will crochet but we will also need to do sewing steps.

Final dimensions are 50X50cm and side width 11cm.

From the fabric we will have 1 piece of Face Fabric left over which can be made into a bag or a pillow and on the other side we can knit or combine it with another fabric

The Kit Includes :

- 1 pc Face Fabric 50X150cm

- 4 pcs Raffia Thread (100g total)

- 0.60cm Canvas

- 0.60cm Leather Lining

- 0.60cm Lining Fabric

-2pcs Julia hands sewn

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