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Let's go play with the most beautiful Rug. How about we learn a technique with a special cotton canvas for rugs and a matching crochet tool for rugs.

Here our proposal is a 50X80cm Rug ideal for Bathroom, Living Room, Bedroom.

The technique is easy and fun

Smyrna cotton canvas has the ideal isomer cans to knit with Soho Yarn. It is stable and non-slip.

Soho Yarn is thick and acrylic, so the result is a mat with a fluffy yarn.

The Kit Includes:

- 0.60cm X100cm Smyrna Canvas (Code 002820). For the kit, we cut the canvas to a width of 1m and not to 2m which is the product.

- 5 pcs Soho Thread (3 pcs the basic color and 1 pc the other two colors)

- 1 Hook for Carpets

- Pattern

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