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In 7 Colors
  • Set No1 -060
    Set No1 -060
  • Σετ Νο2-001
    Σετ Νο2-001
  • Set No3-040
    Set No3-040
  • Set No4-200
    Set No4-200
  • Set No5-040
    Set No5-040
  • Set No6-001
    Set No6-001
  • Set No7-270
    Set No7-270

Viennese Rattan is our passion. Perfect material for a bag full of summer breeze. We combined it with just 1 piece of Midi Yarn and its final dimensions are 21cm wide, 18cm high and the sides are 8cm wide.

The Viennese mat is easy to make a bag, you cut it with scissors to the dimensions you need, use a silicone gun on the edges and it is ready to use.

The Kit Includes:

- 0.40cm X 0,60cm wide Viennese mat

- 200g Midi Cord Yarn (1pc)

- 2 metal arches (Code 000476)

- 1 Aretousa Leather Tongue with magnet

- 1 Handle with Stones (Code 002515)

Happy Crafting handi Stars!

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