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A large Case with Easy Plexi Rubber Bands for lots of games and creativity. It has a handle for easy portability and consists of 3 boxes.

Casket Loom Set with Rubber Bands for Bracelets and Jewelry. Ideal box for young and old to create.

Helps develop motor skills and creativity, at the same time they learn to "work" within a context.

The Particular Case contains many beauty pendants, letters to adorn your bracelets


- 1 triple Casket with Handle

-2pc Small Loom

- 1pc Loom with 16 positions

- 5pcs plastic crochet hook

-1pc Plastic Needle for the loom with positions

- Beauty pendants

- Colorful beads

- Transparent Fasteners

- Many Rubber Bands in various colors and colorful

- Hook Utility

Contains small parts and children under 8 should be supervised

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