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A delightful embroidered bag using the plastic canvas technique. Use your imagination to make your very own embroidery design from cross stitch to any other stitch you think might be suitable. The Pandoro/Pandorino yarn is ideal for the plastic canvas technique. The 51x34cm Plastic Canvas Sheet has 0.3cm holes, ideal for use with Pandoro/Pandorino Cord Yarn.

This Kit includes:

30x20cm white Plastic Canvas Sheet with 0.3cm holes
250gr Pandorino Cord Yarn
1x18.5cm Metal Frame
1 Yarn Needle for the Embroidery
0.30x50cm Fabric Lining (gift)
Embroidery pattern as shown in the photograph. If you'd prefer a different embroidery pattern, please let us know.
You will have enough yarn left over for another bag using the plastic canvas technique.

Happy crafting!
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