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This is a bag that will delight you! Use your imagination to make your very own embroidery design from cross stitch to any other stitch you think might be suitable. The Tagliatella yarn is ideal for the plastic canvas technique. In this Kit you will find a plastic canvas sheet measuring 0.30cm x 50cm with 0.5mm holes. Cut the canvas according to the size of the bag you would like to make. If making an envelope clutch bag, we suggest that the final measurements should be approximately 27cm x 53cm. The clasp we have chosen for you is the clip with feet which is easily added to the bag without the need for screws.

This Kit contains:

1 30cm Plastic Canvas sheet with 0.5mm holes
300gr of Tagliatella cord yarn
70cm-long, Large Chain
2 x 16mm push rings
1 Metallic Snake Clip Closure
You will have enough yarn left over for another bag using the plastic canvas technique.

If you need us to provide you with an embroidery pattern, please request this when making your order.

Happy crafting!
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