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The Dolce Embroidery Bag could become your next passion!

In this Kit, we combine crochet and the plastic canvas embroidery technique. A totally handmade bag with a top cover embroidered on plastic canvas. The final measurements of the bag are approximately 30cm in length and 20-25cm in height.

This Kit contains:

500gr Catenella Cord Yarn for the crocheted part of the bag
1 Dolce Handle, 30cm in length
1 Dolce strap, 90cm
1 padlock
About 100gr of Pandoro Cord Yarn in 5 colors for the embroidery
1/2 sheets of plastic canvas with 0.3cm holes for the embroider bag cover
1 Yarn needle for the embroidery
Flower design for the embroidery
A distinctive, elegant bag.

Happy crafting!
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