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A lovely handmade bag combining embroidery with crochet. This kit contains 500-600gr of Catenella or Tripollino Silk Blend Cord Yarn, 1 eco-leather base 20 x 8cm, 1 double 120cm long Bottega metal chain in old gold, 2 metal hooks with mechanism and 1 sew-on magnet. For the embroidered tongue closure, the kit also contains one 12 x 35cm plastic canvas sheet with 0.3cm holes, 1 special wide eye needle and 6 different colors of Pandoro Cord Yarn for the embroidery. The embroidery design and a protective duster bag have also been included. Alternatively, you could embroider whatever design you choose. If you would also like to line your bag, select from Handibrand's range of professional lining here.
Happy crafting!
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