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Handmade crochet Mini Dolce Bamboo limited edition bag, 30cm in length with a finished height of 18-20cm.

This kit contains:

1 Dolce Bamboo handle
500gr of Catenella cord yarn
33cm Viennese rattan
1 engraved 'handmade' label
2 sew-on magnets
The metal details are gold colored. You'll need a crochet hook no.4, a hole puncher for the clear PVC material and Silicone Gun for the Viennese Mat. The crocheted side panels are 10cm in width and 16cm in height. The base of the bag should be crocheted to measure 10cm x30cm, just enough for the bag to take the shape it needs. Cut the viennese mat into 2 pieces measuring 30cm x 20cm and 1 piece measuring 30cm x 31cm. If you are careful in how you cut the viennese mat, you'll have enough material left over to make a small purse as shown in the photos. The clear PVC material needs to be cut in 3 pieces equivalent in size to the viennese mat and applied internally.

Happy crafting!
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