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In 11 Colors
  • FX1 - Fuchsia
    FX1 - Fuchsia
  • LE/PVENETTA/GREEN-19 - Braided Olive
    LE/PVENETTA/GREEN-19 - Braided Olive
  • LE/PVENETTA/YELLO-16 - Braided Yellow
    LE/PVENETTA/YELLO-16 - Braided Yellow
  • LEAT/KORS/BIEGE-2 - Beige Nude Kors
    LEAT/KORS/BIEGE-2 - Beige Nude Kors
  • ROMN-BLACK - Black
    ROMN-BLACK - Black
  • ROMN-BLUE - Blue
    ROMN-BLUE - Blue
  • ROMN-BROWNESPRESSO - Espresso Coffee
    ROMN-BROWNESPRESSO - Espresso Coffee
  • ROMN-GRAY - Gray
    ROMN-GRAY - Gray
  • Tabac-Romtab/01 - Tabac
    Tabac-Romtab/01 - Tabac
  • Vintage Λευκό με Σάπιο Μήλο - Vintage White with Rippe Apple
    Vintage Λευκό με Σάπιο Μήλο - Vintage White with Rippe Apple
  • Φούξια με Γκρι Ανοιχτό - Fuchsia with Gray
    Φούξια με Γκρι Ανοιχτό - Fuchsia with Gray

The REGINA Inner Pouch is a perfect solution for showing off your crochet. It holds the knit firmly and you won't need to line and put hardener. The Inner Pouch Holder has 1 pocket with zipper and metal guide and 1 plain pocket for your mobile phone. In the upper part we have made holes for sewing and 12 special holes to insert the metal jackets with 15mm feet. Its Dimension is 26cm height x 21cm width x 11cm width sides. Our Suggestion in this Kit is with Fibra Yarn and Branch design on the knitted body.


The Kit Includes :


- 1 Regina Inner Base with pockets


- 1 Sundy Handle with Metal Bulls and Chain 60cm long


- 1 leather Cord 110cm for the infusion


- 2pc Metal Ends with Screw


- 12 Pairs of Metallic eyelets


- 700g Fibra Yarn (2pcs) will be left over yarn


Happy Crafting handibrandgirls!

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