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A kit that awakens the child in you, giving you a sense of satisfaction and joy as you crochet! The Amigurumi Cotton Yarn is made by Handibrand especially for doll making/plush toys and various other accessories. Ideal for children.

Each Amigurumi reel weighs 100gr, is 100m and is made from recycled cotton eco tex. This yarn requires a crochet hook no. 3.5-4. The yarn is 3.5mm in width and is washable at 30 degrees Celsius.

We suggest you use Handibrand's Ergonomic Crochet Hook.

Specially packaged by Handibrand, the Plush Toy/Doll Kits make the ideal gift.

The Giant Greco Plush Toy Dog is a gentle giant who's happy to join Rudolf and all his friends at Christmas.

The Amigurumi Greco Giant Plush Toy Kit includes:

1000gr White Amigurumi Cotton Yarn (10 yarns)
200gr Black Amigurumi Cotton Yarn (2 yarns)
12-15m of Ecru Amigurumi yarn for the eyes
100gr Red Amigurumi Cotton Yarn (1 yarn) - some yarn will be left over
1 Yarn Needle
800gr of filling
Detailed printed instructions on how to crochet and attach each piece, available in Greek
The Plush Dog does have a degree of difficulty. But the result will excite you. The the total height of the finished Plush Dog is 57cm. The head alone is approximately 17cm in height

Sending you an Amigurumi kiss - happy crafting!
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