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In 4 Colors
  • VINT0065 - Vintage Sugar
    VINT0065 - Vintage Sugar
  • VINT021 - Vintage Black
    VINT021 - Vintage Black
  • VINT024 - Vintage Tabac
    VINT024 - Vintage Tabac
  • VINTNO4BIZ - Vintage Cigar
    VINTNO4BIZ - Vintage Cigar

Sun Visor with Adjustable Leather Closure. The sun visor is both a fashionable and practical accessory this summer! It is adjustable at the back with a special metal bar, so that it fits perfectly on each head. The visor has the ideal shape to shade you from the sun as well as feel comfortable at the seaside. You can choose the color of the visor which comes in dark gray or beige depending on the yarn you choose.

Apart from the leather slider, any color can be chosen for the backstrap.

* The Metal Bar at the back is a nickel color.

Combine it with Raffia Yarn or choose one of the Sun Visor Cap Kits.

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