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In 3 Colors
  • FLOS-MULTICOLOR - Multicolor
    FLOS-MULTICOLOR - Multicolor
  • FLOS-ORANGE - Orange
    FLOS-ORANGE - Orange
  • FLOS-RED - Red
    FLOS-RED - Red
  • FLOS-TIRQUOISE - Turquoise
    FLOS-TIRQUOISE - Turquoise
  • FLOS-YELLOW - Yellow
    FLOS-YELLOW - Yellow

Threads for Dyeing Easter Eggs. These threads are ideal for dyeing eggs and most importantly, are ecological. They come in many colors and each time the result is unique. You can make your eggs multicolored or one color for those with more classical taste. The 25gr are enough for 10-12 eggs depending on the amount used. Coloring the eggs using these threads is both simple and quick: Wet the egg (preferably white),wrap the threads around the egg and cover with aluminum foil, then boil for 20-30 minutes in water and vinegar.

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