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A gorgeous handmade crochet runner. The texture of the Midi Cord Yarn will exceed your every expectation. It has a soft, fine, luxurious texture and is also washable. Ideal for a multicolor cushion using 100gr yarns. Our suggestion is to make a two-color runner with a total length of 1 meter. If you would like to make the leaves in another color, we suggest you select an additional unit of the Midi Cord Yarn. The large circles are 20cm in diameter and we used a Tunisian knitting stitch as a fun alternative to make the leaves.
This Kit includes:
- 800gr Midi Cord Yarn (4 units) - 3 reels of the main color and 1 reel of the secondary color. You'll need Crochet Hook Νο.3.5-4.

Happy crafting!
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