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In 7 Colors
  • Set No1 (121-72-224)
    Set No1 (121-72-224)
  • Set No2 (210-72-109)
    Set No2 (210-72-109)
  • Set No3 (1126-03-121)
    Set No3 (1126-03-121)
  • Set No4 (523-109-048)
    Set No4 (523-109-048)
  • Set No5 (741-048-224)
    Set No5 (741-048-224)
  • Set No6 (523-109-1055)
    Set No6 (523-109-1055)
  • Set No7 (174-741-048)
    Set No7 (174-741-048)

What is more beautiful than a Beach Kaftan that you have made yourself in your favorite colors and as you have imagined it. Cordonet Yarn is the ultimate yarn for Summer clothes, airy, thin made of good quality mercerized worsted cotton.

In this Kit we will combine 1 Beach Kaftan, 1 Hair Bandana.

The size is One Size, and the length is with the fringe below the knee.

Of course you can knit it long without changing the other dimensions.

It has been knitted with 3 colors of Cordonet yarn.

The Kit Includes :

- 7 pcs Cordonet Yarn (3 colors total with the base color from 3 pcs)

- 1pc Transparent Toiletry bag size 23cm with Metal Tag

* You will need Crochet hook No2.5

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