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In 10 Colors
  • MET/THR-30 - Metallic Black-30
    MET/THR-30 - Metallic Black-30
  • MET/THR-32 - Metallic Beige-32
    MET/THR-32 - Metallic Beige-32
  • MET/THR-33 - Metallic Pink-33
    MET/THR-33 - Metallic Pink-33
  • MET/THR-34 - Metallic Bronze-34
    MET/THR-34 - Metallic Bronze-34
  • MET/THR-36 - Metallic Fuchsia-36
    MET/THR-36 - Metallic Fuchsia-36
  • MET/THR-38 - Metallic Multicolor Gray-Ecru-38
    MET/THR-38 - Metallic Multicolor Gray-Ecru-38
  • MET/THR-45 - Two Color Metallic Purple-45
    MET/THR-45 - Two Color Metallic Purple-45
  • METR/THR-37 - Blue
    METR/THR-37 - Blue
  • MET/THR-41 - Metallic Two Color Gray-41
    MET/THR-41 - Metallic Two Color Gray-41
  • MET/THR-44 - Multicolor Metallic Green-44
    MET/THR-44 - Multicolor Metallic Green-44

What can we say about this crocheted shawl. Light with just the right amount of sparkle, and so stylish! Imagine wearing this shawl wrapped around your dress on a special occasion or matching your glamorous bag. The Metallic Thread Yarn is the ideal yarn for this item. 225 meters/100gr per unit, this yarn requires a crochet hook no.2.5. With this kit you can make a shawl measuring 40x120cm with triple fringes or a scarf measuring 30x120-130cm with fringes. If you want to make a pashmina, the dimensions should be 50x150cm and you'll need 2 additional units of Metallic Thread Yarn.

This Kit includes:

400gr Metallic Thread Yarn (4 Reels)
1 Ergonomic Crochet Hook No.2.5
Crochet Pattern
Happy crafting!

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