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This incredible and beautiful large shawl, you will be happy to hug you. Algodon Thread is pure mercerized cotton, skin-friendly and has that texture you need on a cool evening. We wanted not to make another classic shawl, so we ended up with the oversized shawl, which can also be called a basmina. It is wrapped once or twice around the neck and has enough length and perfect style. Sally measures 1.30cm long and 0.60cm high. As it is knitted, the knitting progresses in length and height. You can knit it even bigger, in the odd colors you will have yarn left over.

The Kit Includes 10pcs Algodon Soft Thread (500g total)

The Combinations we made for you with a lot of love and care consist of 5 Colors: 4pcs the basic color, 2pcs the next two colors and 1pcs the last two colors

Combination 1: 4pc Color 221, 2pc Color 030, 2pc 443, 1pc 803, 1pc 310

Combination 2 : 4pc Color 279, 2pc Color 443, 2pc 803, 1pc 605, 1pc 056

Combination 3 : 4pc Color 275, 2pc Color 345, 2pc 034, 1pc 803, 1pc 443

Combination 4 : 4pc Color 255, 2pc Color 014, 2pc 030, 1pc 345, 1pc 403

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