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  • BARO-1449 - Yellow
    BARO-1449 - Yellow
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    BARO-2500 - Blue Royal
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    BARO-2856 - Blue
  • BARO-3390 - Pink Rippe Apple
    BARO-3390 - Pink  Rippe Apple
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    BARO-4514 - Light Salmon
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    BARO-6156 - Fuchsia
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    BARO-7625 - Biege
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    BARO-8212 - Litght Gray
  • BARO-8990 - Black
    BARO-8990 - Black

The Barroco Crocheted Cotton Sweater is the most beautiful thing you have worn for summer evenings. Soft, cool, and so different in texture.


Our choice is to make it with wide sleeves and elastic on the wrist as the summer fashion dictates and not only.


Length reaches mid-hip.


Cotton Barroco yarn, its composition of 100% virgin cotton from Brazil ensures a luxurious feeling.


What sets Barroco Maxcolor 4/6 apart are its long fibers, which enhance durability. This means that your knitwear will stand the test of time and retain its beauty even after frequent use or washing.


In the photo, the model wears a size Small / Medium, while she could also wear the larger size due to her height and bust.


Coming Soon Video Tutorial on our YouTube Channel


The Kit Includes :


- 5 pcs Barroco Yarn (1000g total)


We have knitted it with Hook No7 but if it is knitted sparsely, use Crochet hook No.6

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