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In 5 Colors
  • IVAR-100 - Black
    IVAR-100 - Black
  • IVAR-465 - Blue
    IVAR-465 - Blue
  • IVAR-704 - Cigar
    IVAR-704 - Cigar
  • IVAR-725 - Brown
    IVAR-725 - Brown
  • IVAR-804 - Bordueax
    IVAR-804 - Bordueax

Crocheted fingerless gloves are the warmest and coziest mittens. When combined with the Easy Beanie it is the perfect combination!

The Ivar Yarn is a fluffy yarn and very light. In this Kit we will knit with Crochet Hook No7 but the yarn is knitted from 7-10 Needles / Crochet Hook.

The Kit Includes :

- 4 pcs Ivar Yarn

- 1pc Fur Pom Pom

You will find two Construction Videos: Easy Beanie Video and Fingerless Gloves Video Coming Soon

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