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This is one of those Kits that will fill you with childish delight and serenity as you make this wonderful plush toy! The Amigurumi Cotton Yarn is made by Handibrand for plush toys and various accessories. Ideal for children. Requires a crochet hook No. 3.5-4. The yarn is 3.5mm wide and washable at 30 degrees Celsius. Combine it with a Handibrand Ergonomic Crochet Hook.

We've named the K. Frog the huggable FROGO! This plush toy will delight younger and older children alike. The final measurement seated and including the ears is 27cm.

This Kit includes

400gr Amigurumi Cotton Yarn (4 Units). Please note some yarn will be left over. Choose the color of your set.
100gr White Amigurumi Cotton Yarn
2 meters Black Yarn for the mouth
300gr of filler
1 Yarn Needle
2 Silicone Eyes with safety mechanism, 10mm in size
Detailed instructions, including assemblage in Greek
Sending you an Amigurumi kiss. Happy crafting!

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