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In 8 Colors
  • Set No1 Light Blue-33
    Set No1 Light Blue-33
  • Set No2 Ecru-11
    Set No2 Ecru-11
  • Set No3 Red-22
    Set No3 Red-22
  • Set No4 Pink-41
    Set No4 Pink-41
  • Set No5 Yellow-20
    Set No5 Yellow-20
  • Set No6 Orange-27
    Set No6 Orange-27
  • Set No7 Mint-23
    Set No7 Mint-23
  • Set No8 Brown-31
    Set No8 Brown-31

The little Ducklings are very happy to play with every kid and baby. It's a little boy wearing a bow tie and a little girl with a bow in her hair. The final dimensions are 12 cm high. The Wooden Ring is natural color and dimension 60mmX10mm. Ideal for baby chews. In the kit you will also find 2 pairs of silicone eyes which we recommend not to use if you are going to give it to a baby.


The Kit Includes :


- 100gr Amigurumi Yarn (1pc)


- 2 Pairs of 8mm Silicone with fuses


- 50g Filling for Dolls (will be left over)


- 2 Wooden Rings 60X10mm Natural 


-15mt Color Amigurumi No1


-15mt Color Amigurumi No2


- 15m Amigurumi Color No3


- Written Instructions

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