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What can we say about this crocheted article of clothing. Lightweight, airy and very stylish! Wear it over light clothing, as a blouse or as a dress. It fits very well on all body types. The flowing sleeves are also very flattering. Detailed instructions are available in Greek based on the large size. The Algodon Soft Cotton Yarn, is a mercerized yarn resulting in the perfect texture and effect.

The Shirt/Dress Kit includes:

6 Skeins of Algodon (Cotton) Yarn
1 Handibrand Ergonomic Crochet Hook, No.3.5
Instructions in Greek (if you have any questions, write us a note)
Degree of Difficulty: Easy. Suitable for Beginners.

Crochet Stitch: only single - double crochet.

Happy crafting!
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