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In 6 Colors
  • AURIS-000 - White
    AURIS-000 - White
  • AURIS-100 - Black
    AURIS-100 - Black
  • AURIS-407 - Blue Jean
    AURIS-407 - Blue Jean
  • AURIS-500 - Gray
    AURIS-500 - Gray
  • AURIS-700 - Sugar
    AURIS-700 - Sugar
  • AURIS-840 - Fuchsia
    AURIS-840 - Fuchsia

A lightweight blouse with sleeves and a length that flatters every body type. You won't believe how easy it is to make. The Cotton Auris Thread is made of cotton and polyamides which together create beautiful colors on the thread. It's an ideal yarn for this blouse, it's not too thin and stands up to flatter the body.

In the Construction Video you will see how to join the pieces and how the measurements are made for each size. For the Medium Size you will need 7 pcs of the yarn and the Large Size you will need 8 pcs.

The length, if you want, can be made longer in the way we show you

Knitted with Hook No. 4

The Kit Includes :

- 8 pcs Auris Cotton Yarn

- Crochet Pattern

- Video Tutorial with English Subtitle

* The Blue Jean Blouse is Medium 

* The Fuchsia Blouse is Large

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