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A large Jute Boho Bag. Lightweight and very summery. It fits everything and accompanies you everywhere! The final measurements without the handle are 47cm in height and 40cm in width. You can crochet the handle at your desired length. We recommend a length of 35cm - 50cm which can also be worn on the shoulder.

Jute is a light, natural material which is easy to crochet. We've created sets with 5 colors as well as two colors.

The main color is comprised of 6 units of 100gr and correspondingly 1 unit of the other 4 colors. For the two color set, there are 6 units of 100gr for the main color and 4 units of the second color.

This Kit includes:

10 units of Jute Cord Yarn (1000gr in total)
1 Leather Stitched Handle
Set colors:

Set No.1: Main Color - Dark Beige/Blue, Red, Light Green, Yellow
Set No. 2: Main Color - Dark Beige/Orange, Light Green, Mauve, Dark Green
Set No. 3: Main Color - Dark Beige/Blue, Red, Yellow, Mauve
Set No. 4: Main Color - Light Green/Dark Green
Set No. 5: Main Color - Light Beige/Black
Happy Crafting!

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