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A fur Pouch Bag with a difference! Both stylish and glamorous! Two yarns crocheted together. The result is divine. Decorated with a chain for an impressive result! It can be held like a pouch or more firmly. The final measurements are 26cm x 26cm. To make this bag, we crocheted two pieces measuring 26cmx26cm and attached them on the side. The two yarns are very easy to crochet together. Use a 2.40cm chain to create the metallic grid on one side of the bag only. We cut 7 rings or 5cm, 48 pieces in total and joined them together with wire.

This Kit includes:

350gr Fiber Cord Yarn, requiring a Crochet Hook No.4
100gr Merino Lambs Wool (2 pieces)
1 Sew-on Magnet
1.50m Chain for the handle (Code 000660)
2.4m chain for the metallic grid (Code 000660)
32 pcs 10mm Wire Ring
2x20mm Push Rings
Happy crafting!
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