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We loved this bag from the start!! A large bag measuring 35cmx27cm in height. It's a design we propose for our Wool yarn and easy for you to make. You'll need to crochet the body of the bag combining a braid stitch with simple crochet and a bubble stitch, as well as, two 15-17cm wide side panels with a Handibrand's Ergonomic Crochet Hook, No.6. If desired, you can add an Adjustable Strap or an Adjustable Belt Strap. We also offer a wide selection of professional Linings or a ready-made internal X-Large Bag Organizer.

Choose your set color and the color of your complimentary 'handibrand' label.

This kit contains:

-900gr Pom Pom Wool Yarn (3 bobbins)
-2 sew-on Julia Handles, 80cm in length
-Free 'handibrand' metal label with feet
Happy crafting!

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