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We loved this bag from the start!! A large bag made with two of our cord yarns. It's the first design we're proposing for our Wool yarn so that it's easy for you to make. Working from the base and using the Heart's cord yarn, crochet the bag to 25cm in height. Separately, knit the braided border measuring 20cm x 87-90cm perimetrically using the Wool yarn. Then sew the decorative border onto the crochet part of the bag.
For the crochet part of this design, we use the same techniques and steps as shown for several bags on our Instructional Videos.
Choose your set color and the complimentary 'handibrand' label.
This kit contains:
• 600gr Hearts Cord Yarn
• 300gr of Wool Yarn (1 bobbin)
• 1 Base 31x10cm
• 2 sew-on Julia Handles, 80cm in length
• Complimentary 'handibrand' label with feet
Happy crafting!
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