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A kit full of beauty!! The side panel set comes with a special partition pocket with 19cm zipper and 120cm-long strap with chain. A side panel set that will not go unnoticed! It has everything! Two side panels that make a recess, together with an internal partition pocket with zipper and a strap with clips. In total the strap is 110cm in length and is made up of a chain and leather piece. In this Kit we've combined Catenella Cord Yarn together with Midi Cord Yarn in a beautiful design with a crocheted bag cover and Metal Snake Ornament. The final bag measures 26cm x 24cm in height.
The Kit contains:
• 1 pair of 19cm side panels with special partition inside pocket with 26cm zipper (2 metal arches)
• 200gr of Midi Cord Yarn
• 1 strap x 110cm with clips, metal chain and leather piece.
• 500gr of Catenella Cord Yarn
• 1 Snake Ornament
• 1 Sew-on Magnet
Happy crafting!
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