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In 7 Colors
  • CROCO/POL-BLACK - Polished Black
    CROCO/POL-BLACK - Polished Black
  • CROCO/POL-BURDEAUX - Polished Bordueax
    CROCO/POL-BURDEAUX - Polished Bordueax
  • CROCO/POL-GREEN - Polished Green
    CROCO/POL-GREEN - Polished Green
  • CROCO/POL-KHAKI - Polished Khaki
    CROCO/POL-KHAKI - Polished Khaki
  • CROCO/POL-RED - Polished Red
    CROCO/POL-RED - Polished Red
  • CROCO/POL-TABAC - Polished Tabac
    CROCO/POL-TABAC - Polished Tabac
  • CROCOR-BLUE - Croco Blue
    CROCOR-BLUE - Croco Blue

The ultimate Croco Bag...!! She has that air of a star and is the new handibrand model. It has everything! Short handle, adjustable strap, closure, metal arches and you will only crochet the body. The Material is Croco patent eco leather that stands out in quality. We produced it in our lab and the patent leather base is too hard to hold a square shape.

Final Dimensions are 24cm wide and 26cm high. In this Kit we have combined with  Capri Yarn

 The Kit Includes :

 - 1 Croco Patent Leather Base with Tongue Closure and 50cm Handle

 - 1 Adjustable Strap with hooks

 - 1 Base 20X14

 - 600g Capri Yarn (2pcs)

Video Tutorial

 Happy Crafting handibrand girls!

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