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  • CROCO/POL-BLACK - Polished Black
    CROCO/POL-BLACK - Polished Black
  • CROCO/POL-BURDEAUX - Polished Bordueax
    CROCO/POL-BURDEAUX - Polished Bordueax
  • CROCO/POL-GREEN - Polished Green
    CROCO/POL-GREEN - Polished Green
  • CROCO/POL-KHAKI - Polished Khaki
    CROCO/POL-KHAKI - Polished Khaki
  • CROCO/POL-RED - Polished Red
    CROCO/POL-RED - Polished Red
  • CROCO/POL-TABAC - Polished Tabac
    CROCO/POL-TABAC - Polished Tabac
  • CROCOR-BLUE - Croco Blue
    CROCOR-BLUE - Croco Blue

The Croco Polished Base is a handibrand bag model that stands out. The dimensions are 34cm long and 14cm high. On the completed bag, the sides are 10-12cm. It has holes at the bottom to be sewn to the crocheted part. Includes Wrist Handle 47cm long and two metal hooks attached to the base. It also includes the Closure tab on the top with a magnet.

Combine it with handibrand's Yarn for Bags or see the Material Kit with Yarn that we have made for you.

The Set Includes :

- 1 Croco Patent Leather Stand with Wrist Handle and Closure.

- 1 Adjustable Strap

- 1 Base 20X14cm

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