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  • LEAT/VENET/GIGAR-15 - Light Cigar
    LEAT/VENET/GIGAR-15 - Light Cigar
  • LEAT/VENET/KHAK-21 - Khaki-Pistachio
    LEAT/VENET/KHAK-21 - Khaki-Pistachio
  • LEAT/VENET/TABAC-17 - Tabac Camel
    LEAT/VENET/TABAC-17 - Tabac Camel
  • LEAT/VENETA/BLUE-20 - Blue
    LEAT/VENETA/BLUE-20 - Blue
  • LEAT/VENETA/ORAN-11 - Muted Orange
    LEAT/VENETA/ORAN-11 - Muted Orange
  • ROMN-BLACK - Black
    ROMN-BLACK - Black
  • VINT99 - Vintage White
    VINT99 - Vintage White
  • VINTA068 - Vintage Red
    VINTA068 - Vintage Red

The FINESTRA Set is a very different bag in every way!! With two Round Bone Wrist Handles and Long Adjustable Strap giving you the option to hold your bag at whatever length is more comfortable for you. A large bag that deserves all the attention it will attract. The Base is 28cm in length and the side panels are 10cm. Two metal eyelets have been added to each side panel by our Workshop giving you a smart way to add the adjustable strap.

This Set includes:

1 Finestra Base with Two Bone Round Wrist Handles
1 Adjustable Strap
2x35mm Push Rings
* The metal details are bronze.

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