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In 7 Colors
  • VINT/LIGHT-WOOD - Light Wood Brown
    VINT/LIGHT-WOOD - Light Wood Brown
  • VINT020 - Vintage Blue
    VINT020 - Vintage Blue
  • VINT021 - Vintage Black
    VINT021 - Vintage Black
  • VINT022 - Vintage Grey
    VINT022 - Vintage Grey
  • VINT024 - Vintage Tabac
    VINT024 - Vintage Tabac
  • VINTA053 - Vintage Bordeaux
    VINTA053 - Vintage Bordeaux
  • VINTNO4BIZ - Vintage Cigar
    VINTNO4BIZ - Vintage Cigar
  • WOOD2 - Wood Brown
    WOOD2 - Wood Brown

Ginger Backpack Set with Leather Case and Tongue.

The ultimate Backpack for advanced girls!

The Back Straps are wide and adjustable.

It has a Wide Hand Grip and an Integrated Tongue.

Its impressive feature is the Leather Back that acts as a support for the knitted part, but also for our back. Another surprise of his is the Leather Pocket which is large and the Stitched Leathers which act as a button stop. There are many ways and styles you can crochet it.

In this Set, the proposal is to knit a long basket (bag) with the upper part becoming a lid or a gathered roll so that it gets smaller.

The height of the knitted part is 50cm.

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