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In 5 Colors
  • GLORIA/PONY/ BLACK - Γούνα Μαύρο
    GLORIA/PONY/ BLACK - Γούνα Μαύρο
  • GLORIA/PONY/ TABAC - Pony Skin Ταμπά
    GLORIA/PONY/ TABAC - Pony Skin Ταμπά
  • GLORIA/PONY/BORDO - Γούνα Μπορντώ
    GLORIA/PONY/BORDO - Γούνα Μπορντώ
  • GLORIA/PONY/OLIVE - Pony Skin Πράσινο
    GLORIA/PONY/OLIVE - Pony Skin Πράσινο
  • GLORIA/PONY/RED - Pony Skin Μπορντώ
    GLORIA/PONY/RED - Pony Skin Μπορντώ

The Pony Skin GLORIA Limited Edition  set with 2 handles and draw cords with stopper. A bag different from the rest! The base/frame is in fur or pony skin and measures 14cm in height.

This Set includes

-4 Metal Ends in Nickel

-2 Eco Leather Draw Cords

- 2 eco leather stoper

You'll need 500gr of Catenella Cord Yarn or 3 x 200gr Skeins of Hearts Cord Yarn or 2 bobbins of Pom Pom Wool Yarn. You can also add an Adjustable Strap. See and the Kit Materials Gloria Pouch

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